Tuesday, September 07, 2004

ROAMING ASIA : Save Costs Mobile Singtel : GlobalDial 121

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This is one of the telco links for Singapore. For most parts of Asia, with the exception of Japan, the GSM standards using SIM card technology should keep you connected. What is the SIM card ? Its a clever piece of technology, that you can slip in and out of your phones. Most of what I've observed is almost all the phone hardware brands all use the sim card. With the exception of the few oddball brands that I have never relied on and would not switch to. I prefer the handy Nokia phones above all brands. Its almost fool proof. Perfect for the Road warriors who want to stay connected without being overwhelmed by costs of hotel phones, the hassles finding a pay phone. SIM cards can be purchased in Singapore Changi airport, check links on this side bar, or at most corner shops or seven eleven where you see the "PHONE CARD SIGN" if you are roaming the island, but Singapore Sim cards do not always work in the region. If you are from Europe, make sure you check with your telco operator to switch on your global roaming facility. If from the US of A, you might want to check out some of the links included on this page. If travelling to Japan...... we'll, I have no information for you at this point in time.

Travel snippet : Pay Phones in many parts of asia are non-existant. The ones that exists are comicly already "occupied" by squatters who guard the phones booths as though they were the appointed sentry guards outside Buckingham palace. These guardian pirates of Payphones make a living off foreigners whom they charge a few cents to "help" you make the calls. If help feels like extortion to you, perhps and irritates your sensibilitities, just think , your ten american cents for this Pirate of Payphones will buy him over to your side to watch your back from the other peering locals. And that ten cents can probably afford him a whole meal for the day.