Friday, January 20, 2006

Travel Operators in the USA ( Accredited Agents )

Accredited Travel Agents for Flights and Accomodations.
Rest assured you will get some level of attention, but most travel agents are built for business which means, sometimes they are not equipped to handle special HIGH NET WORTH CLIENTS.... afterall sometimes it pays to have a professional weed out the 1-star to the 9 star travelers needs.

Flight Info - Route Maps - International

Flight Info - Route Maps - International


: Getting around Asia Pacific & Australia & New Zealand
( Budget & Qantas )

Private Retreats : US$15K per head Minimum. ( Jet Travel not included )

So you have travelled the world ? done some charity work for Ethiopia? Gone on tour as a rock star ? Shopping in Milan is a regular affair ? Flying to Sudan for a week long break to help with food distribution with Brad n Angelina Jolie ? Wall Street soirees feel like vultures networking ? Hamptons weekend sounds too much like a Penguins mating season ? Breakfast in Bali sounds like an awful business death trap by real estate tycoon wannabes selling rubbish realty ?

You need a vacation far from the ruccus and buzz of daily life and routine ? Well, you come to the right place.

This blog can recommend you all things that travel agents who can't. And Your PA is too busy with scheduling your life to focus on what the rest of the world has to offer. And your investment managers haven't hear of us as we are not POST-IPO !

This blog can offer you independent advice on your travel accomodation.
( forgive the spelling mistakes, as I write whilst I travel, and laptops on a bumpy nepalese bus ride doesn't bear well with good copy writing with slipped fingers.)

So! Whether its a private home access to villa in the maldives or a 10 room resort estates for you to chill out and write that third best selling novel to inch out Harry Potter from toplist.

Of course we are priced out of the travel market.
Call me only if you have been on the A-list of world stage. Our Minimum Fees start at :US$25,000. Your budget for a party of 5-10 should be no less than $15,000 per head for a 5 day trip. Put you off enough yet ? there's more......

Of course if you meet the target minimum, the I becomes the professional service firm of "we". Thus, speaking on behalf of the rest of your "virtual travel resources", WE presume that your "retreat alone" means just you and your PA, her husband, your kids, your chef, or your personal trainer and own core circle of close buddies or associates will join you at some point. So intimate party means at least 10 - 25 people ? No problem.

In this role, we apply the discretion that the 20 other buddies you invite on your private retreat can all meet you at the destination, at your lowest cost, but matching and exceeding your guests expectations.

You may choose to travel by private jet or commercial first class, but we will try to make the most of your budget so that you, the benefactor and paymaster, just has to say the word and we deliver you and you party to the destination or multiple destinations.

We craft the itinerary, take into consideration your multitude of needs, apply discretion when handling your family and associates, and present a professional face between you and your PA and all the people along your journey. We act as your invisible security guards to ensure your safety is not hampered by prying eyes, and your retreat is exactly tailored as a retreat.

How can we help you ?

Contact us : or

Jetstar Asia - To Bangalore from $98 (13 - 19 Dec)


Kolkata from $98. Other destinations from $48.

Starting 23 Jan 2006, you can fly 5 times a week to Bangalore. All fares to India start from $98 and are first come first served when you book by 19 Dec and travel by 25 Mar 2006.

Call centre: 6822 2288 . An-An Travel & Tour: 6538 2538 . Jetabout Holidays: 6734 1818 . Maple Aviation: 6538 5515

Terms and conditions: 1. Fares quoted are for one-way and exclude airport taxes, admin fees, insurance and fuel surcharges. 2. Seats subject to availability. 3. A service fee is applicable for bookings through our Call Centre and travel agents. An-An Travel & Tour (TA840), Jetabout Holidays (TA754) and Maple Aviation (TA582).